Saturday, March 7, 2009

Light of Christmas

First project posting to Stitch-mas! I am hoping to soon start work on "Light of Christmas" by Stoney Creek Designs. It will be a Christmas for my BFF Angela. She LOVES both lighthouses and Christmas so this will be perfect for her. I am hoping to make it into a pillow . . .
I have the black linen to stitch it on as you can see in the photo. I have NEVER worked on black cloth before! I remember reading a tip about putting a white towel on your lap to make it easier to see the holes. I'm going to try it. If anyone out there in cyberspace have any suggestions to make stitching on black easier, let me know!
Merry Stitch-mas!


  1. Ooooh I just love this one! This really looks so great! Can't wait to see your start on it!

  2. Love Stoney Creek but hate the number of color changes they love using :o) Cant wait to see updates on this project.

  3. They sell light boxes to make stitching on black easier. I've not tried one so I can't say whether they work or not. Might be worth looking into though!